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    copper conductor PVC insulated power cable

    产品介绍 / Products Detail

    Product Description
    Application criteria:GB5023.3、IEC60227.3(60227 IEC 01)
    Conductor:Bare copper conductor stranded conductor. Meet GB/T3956 section 2 or section 5 kinds
    Insulation:PVC / CPVC insulationcomplywithGB/T8815GB5023.1
    Colors:No preferred chromatography, according to customer request Color
    Feature:Cable's long-termallowable workingtemperature:shouldnotexceed 70 .Insulationgood mechanical properties, excellent performance 
    Different,bright colors.Good performance,safer to use.Uniform insulationthicknessand cutting lines,easy peeling.
    Meet the certification:
    Technical parametersU0/U 450/750V
    Rated voltage:                        2500V
    Test voltage:                  
    Minimum bending radius
    Fixed laying:                                    6 × D (cable diameter)
    Fixed laying:-10℃TO+70℃
    Radiation resistance           8×107cJ/kg
    Flammability:ByGB/T18380flame test
    Typical applicationsPower supplyforindustrial and mining enterprisesand lightingfixed wiring,electrical control cabinetcan also be usedinternally fixedconnections.
    Fixed installation,for indoorMingdressing,wearing a tubeand other places.


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